Fast Train to Tibet

It is great to know for all visitors that Lhasa is directly connected by the fast train from all major cities of the mainland China like Beijing, Shanghai, Xinning, Chengdu and Guangzhou. It is in fact a sophisticated new railway well equipped with automatic oxygen supply as the train passes through high altitude above 5,000 m where the passengers may catch high altitude sickness. 

It has offered a big opportunity to all visitors with options. Either they could enter Tibet by train from the mainland China or after ending their overland tour to Lhasa from Kathmandu, Nepal, they could proceed to the mainland China by train so easily. 

With the introduction of the fast train in July 2007, Tibet saw a tremendous boost in its tourism enabling 3,000 tourists arrival every day in high season. 

The journey by train to Beijing from Lhasa is 48 hours through the scenic terrain of China and Tibet. So is to Chengdu.
Prior booking arrangement is also possible through the reliable travel agents. They maintain 2 types of seating arrangement. One is soft sleeper (expensive, but comfortable for long journey) and the other hard sleeper (cheaper, but good for the short journey). 

For the correct train fare, please write to us. We will immediately give you the fare and do the needful booking for you.