Tibet Visa Information

The latest info on the Tibet visa processing system is given below.

a. First of all, all tourists willing to visit Tibet must buy a Tibet tour/trek package from a travel agent in Nepal authorized by the Tibet Govt. recognized travel agent in Tibet. Then only, the Tibet visa processing starts.   

b. After the confirmation of the purchase of Tibet tour package with the needful advance payment, visitors are required to send scanned copies of their passports to us at least 20 days in advance. The same are forwarded to our Tibet agent for the needful visa processing.

c. After about 10 days processing, the Tibet Tourism Bureau (TTB) issues Tibet visa invitation letter in favor of the visitors and it will be sent to us by our Tibet agent.

d. Against the same visa invitation letter, we apply for Tibet visa along with the visa application duly filled in by you (with all details expected by the application form) and your original passports upon your arrival at Kathmandu. Note: If any information is found missing in     the application, visa may rejected. So, kindly make sure you will fill in all the expected information about you and your family.

e. Normal visa processing time in the local Chinese Embassy is one week and urgent visa takes 2 full working days. In other words, clients should arrive in Kathmandu on Sunday and we collect their passports along with the duly filled in visa applications. On Monday,     we apply and obtain visa on Wednesday. Then, clients can start Tibet tour from Thursday. If the clients arrive on Thursday and apply on Friday, visa will be given only on Tuesday. Accordingly, clients can start Tibet tour on Wednesday. Monday, Wednesday and    Friday are the working days in the Embassy.

f. Earlier, visa was possible even in one working day. This situation may improve later.  We will keep on updating you from time to time.

g. A passport size photo is required for visa application.

 h. In brief, the following documents are required for visa application. 

  •        a. Scanned copies of passports,
  •        b. Client’s personal information such as home address, email address, mobile no, home telephone no, name of the person to contact in emergency with mobile no, Names of family members, occupation, nationality and relationship

i. Employer’s name and address (if employed)

j. Tibet Visa Invitation Letter of TTB (our part)

k. Duly filled up visa application form.

NOTE: Also, please read well the FAQ section on Tibet tours for detailed information on the tour and visa.