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  • Climate & Best Season in Tibet

    Best Season for Tibet Tours We operate tours to Tibet all the year round. However, the best time to visit Tibet is from May to September.  Climate in Tibet Climate in Tibet sharply varies from south to north and east to far west. The southern part is warmer and rainy. The eastern part is greener & humid and…

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  • Fast Train to Tibet

    It is great to know for all visitors that Lhasa is directly connected by the fast train from all major cities of the mainland China like Beijing, Shanghai, Xinning, Chengdu and Guangzhou. It is in fact a sophisticated new railway well equipped with automatic oxygen supply as the train passes through high altitude above 5,000 m where the passengers may…

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  • Festivals in Tibet

    If you are planning to visit Tibet, you may catch any of the beautiful Tibetan festivals. For this purpose, a list has been given below. Their dates are based on the lunar calendar. So, please do write to us for the dates if you wish to witness the festival.  New Year Festival (Losar) Taking place in the first week of…

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  • Health Tips - Tibet

    Please follow the health tips given below so as to make your tour as problem free as possible.  1. Never drink tap or unbottled water. Bottled water is easily available around. 2. Wash your hands if you are using your hands to eat. Spoons & forks or chopsticks are better advised. 3. Do not eat for 24…

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  • Places of Interest

    In Lhasa: Lhasa, Tibet’s capital (3,750 m) is a cultural city with a history going 1,300 years. The magnificent Potala Palace, former seat of the Dalai Lamas, prsides over the city. Built in 1645 on the top of a hill, the palace containing more than 1,000 rooms, 10,000 shrines and 200,000 religious statues commands a majestic presence almost in the…

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  • Religions in Tibet

    The Tibet tour you are going to undertake involves many beautiful monuments, incredible landscapes, magnificent cities and warm hospitable Tibetan people. They will offer so much of information that you could be overwhelmed. So, a little knowledge beforehand about the religion in Tibet could make you well prepared to digest all the information which you may encounter at every step.…

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  • Some DO’S & DONT’S in Tibet

    Here are some tips to enjoy your visit to this remarkable country with an age old rich culture and heritage. Particularly, in Tibet, it is polite to follow some of the do’s and don’ts as this country has not yet been so exposed to modernization. So, some of the major do’s and don’ts are given below. 1. The form of…

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  • Tibet Visa Information

    The latest info on the Tibet visa processing system is given below. a. First of all, all tourists willing to visit Tibet must buy a Tibet tour/trek package from a travel agent in Nepal authorized by the Tibet Govt. recognized travel agent in Tibet. Then only, the Tibet visa processing starts.    b. After the confirmation of the purchase of…

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