Many Reasons to Visit… …

There is no place like Nepal in the world. It is, indeed, a land of wonders and surprises. The moment you step on the land of Nepal, each step of yours would increase your heart throbs every moment you encounter its vibrant culture, unique architecture, timeless wood carving, bronze statues, most hospitable people, extreme bio-diversity and pristine landscapes with the highest range of Himalaya including Mt Everest (8,848 m). You would be taken to a land of Shangri-La! 

Geographically, Nepal is located between India and Tibet (China). It offers all types of tour activities to everyone, of all age groups ranging from high mountain climbing to elephant safari in the jungle for game viewing. You may choose mountaineering or whitewater rafting or trekking on the high hills; or soft tour activities like wildlife safari or cultural tours with the age-old pagodas and stupas. It is Nepal where all these activities help make your holiday a lifetime achievement. Come to Nepal – a great destination for your holiday!  

Nepal is probably one of the rarest countries in the world where seven World Heritage Sites are located within a radius of just twenty km. Three small onetime Kingdoms (all World Heritage Sites) until 1768 AD - Kathmandu, Patan and Bhaktapur always offer as a ‘Unique Open Air Living Museum’ which depicts a clear picture of our golden era of prosperity in arts, architecture, culture, sculpture, wood carving, painting and so on. A visit to the open museum takes every visitor back in time and leaves in wonder and excitement. 

Nepal is a land for all seasons by all reasons. Nepal is beautiful in its own way in every season. You can catch delightful and colourful festivals everyday never cease to amuse people throughout the year. So, come and discover Nepal with us. You will be fascinated!